Toddler and Night Sweats Sleeping in Wicked Sheets

Toddlers and Night Sweats

We have the market cornered for adults with night sweats — we’ve written pieces on night sweats and hot flashes from medicinal causes, from breast cancer, to colon cancer, to the benefits of cooler sleep for health and weight loss. Late last year, we added our Little Sleepers™ line for sweaty babies and toddlers. This line includes fitted crib sheets, fitted sheets in Pack ‘n Play® sizes, and many of our toddler to teen sleepers rest comfortably on our twin or twin XL bedding. Toddlers and night sweats is a worry many parents have — but shouldn’t!

According to LiveStrong, “Toddlers have a tendency to sweat excessively, particularly while they sleep at night. As the toddler sleeps, his or her body is restoring itself and may release extra sweat. To keep your child comfortable, place them in lightweight clothing and do not cover them in heavy blankets.” Did you know that 1/3 of babies sweat at night?! For parents who co-sleep with  their children, a set of Wicked Sheets for your bed may be a helpful solution to getting everyone in the family restorative sleep.

While babies and toddlers sweating can be a cause for medical concern, it is often a simple explanation. “Toddlers have a high density of sweat glands that activate quickly even with a gradual rise in ambient temperature,” writes MomJunction. “The ratio of sweat gland density to the surface area of the skin is also higher than that in adults. This means the density of sweat produced on a toddler’s skin is greater than that of adults.” Your toddler may be sweating more now than you because they produce more sweat per area of skin!

As we always tell our adult consumers to contact a physician with medical needs, contact your child’s pediatrician if your kid seems to be sweating excessively — most often it is caused by sleep apnea. Toddlers and night sweats are easily managed, helping your little one get the rest they (and you!) need.

Sleep well, sleep wicked, no matter your age!

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