cribs what's the difference by wicked little sleepers with three different crib sizes

What’s the difference between Round, Mini, & Standard Crib sizes?

What crib sizes are right for my baby?

Read on for more information about what new parents need to know when it comes to crib sizes for their little sleepers and bedding needs.

My grandmother used to tell me that I would be fine even if I slept in a dresser drawer (opened of course). “It’s all about security,” she’d say. “Doesn’t matter what sized box you are in, so long as you don’t fall out. You’ll be just fine and we will all be able to sleep knowing you’re safe.”

Well, Grandma, you were right. But since then, baby sleep safety has come quite a long way from dresser drawers. And thank goodness!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), ​approximately 3,500 infants die each year in the U.S. from sleep related infant deaths. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby that is less than a year old. SIDS is also referred to as “crib death” because the infants often die in their cribs.

Although the cause of SIDS is still unknown, researchers have reported some commonalities in infant deaths.  They noted defects in the portion of their brain where breathing and arousal from sleep are controlled. Because of this discovery, pediatricians and healthcare professionals have offered this preventative safe sleep advice.

  • Back to sleep. Place your baby to sleep on his or her back, rather than on the stomach or side. This isn’t necessary when your baby’s awake or able to roll over both ways without help.
  • Keep the crib as bare as possible. Use a firm mattress and avoid placing your baby on thick, fluffy padding. Don’t leave pillows, fluffy toys or stuffed animals in the crib. These can interfere with breathing if your baby’s face presses against them.
  • Do not overheat your baby. To keep your baby warm, try a sleep sack or other sleep clothing that doesn’t require additional covers. Don’t cover your baby’s head.

For more resources and tips on what to avoid in the baby’s sleep environment, try this helpful link.

In the meantime, let’s get down to business on crib sizes and the bedding you should be choosing to help keep your baby cool, safe, and comfortable in it’s crib.

Crib Sizes Explained

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, a condo, or a closet, if you’re pregnant, you are most likely asking yourself, “What crib size should I get for my little sleeper?”
standard, mini, and round crib size dimensions by wicked little sleepers

  • Standard crib mattresses measure 52 inches long by 28 inches wide (132cm x 71cm). Most standard cribs have a pocket depth anywhere between 4-8 inches. They are rectangular in shape and typically cost between $90-$500.
  • Convertible cribs are the same size as a Standard crib, but converts to a toddler bed. Most usually have drawers at the base for added storage. They take the same size mattress as a Standard crib and their price range is $200 – $800.
  • Round crib mattresses measure 42 inches (106cm) in diameter and have a depth (thickness) of 4-6 inches. A round crib can cost anywhere between $200-$900. There are very few models of Round cribs, but we love the Dream On Me Round Mattress.
  • Oval cribs – NOT to be confused with round cribs – these crib mattresses measure 48 inches by 28 inches (106cm x 71cm). The most popular brand of Oval cribs is Stokke. *Wicked Sheets can make this size for you – we just do not stock it because it is not as popular a crib size as the other 3. Email us at if you need an Oval crib sheet. 
  • Mini cribs measure 38 inches long by 24 inches wide (96cm x 60cm). They are smaller rectangles than a Standard and can share a mattress with a Pack ‘n Play. They are often foldable and have a price range between $115 – $350.

Crib Sheets Explained

Now that you have decided which crib size and style is best for you and your little sleeper, it’s time to dress the bed.

At Wicked Sheets, we know how important sleep is to our customers (big and small). Ensuring that it is both cool and dry for you and your baby is the name of our game when it comes to our Wicked Little Sleepers product line. When shopping for crib sheets here are the top 6 things that your sheets need to have:

Not to brag, but our Wicked Sheets crib sheets and little sleepers products check every single one of those boxes. And then some! You see, when we created this product line we consulted with not only our current customer base, many of whom were experiencing night sweats during their pregnancy, but we conducted a number of focus groups with parents of all ages and stages. The Wicked Little Sleepers line was created so that your little sleeper can stay cool and dry throughout the night so that both of you can get the rest you deserve.

For more information on the most recent standards and guidelines in baby bedding, check out this blog by Baby’s Little Place.

Until next time, friends! Be cooler, sleep wicked.

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