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Wicked Sheets are designed to outperform your existing bedding.

six times more moisture wicking


four times faster drying

Faster Drying

three times more airflow


hypoallergenic plant leaves


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certified asthma and allergy friendly


Our original moisture-wicking sheets and bedding is scientifically tested and identified as a consumer product more suitable for people with asthma and allergies.

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Sleep Wicked, Not Wet.

Get your best night’s sleep with cooling and moisture-wicking sheets from Wicked Sheets. If you have ever woken up in a cold sweat, feeling sticky and unrested, or just tend to feel over-heated in bed, our sheets are the perfect solution to a good night’s sleep.

Our original moisture-wicking and crib sheets are handcrafted from high quality poly-nylon fibers scientifically engineered to remain 2-3 degrees cooler to the touch and allow 3 times more air flow than traditional bedding.

And Wicked Sheets aren’t just for hot adult sleepers! Does your baby sweat, dribble, or drool while they sleep? Our Wicked-Dry™ original moisture-wicking crib sheet is the comfort sleep solution for babies who sweat while they sleep, keeping them drier throughout the night so they, and their parents, can get the sleep they need.

Wicked Sheets are free of dyes, bleaching agents, and chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Our advanced fabrics are hypoallergenic and have been independently tested and certified free of harmful substances by the international OEKO-TEX® Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. All of our moisture-wicking products are certified by the AAFA to be asthma & allergy friendly™.

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