12 ways to support local artists

Incorporating Local Art Into Your Business is Easy

At Wicked Sheets, we love local makers and know the valuable impacts creators in our community can have. We employ a local sewing team, local fulfillment operations and a local marketing and social media team. There are always hard working individuals and companies in your area – and reaching out to others for advice can help you find people and organizations that may be a good addition to your team. When it come to incorporating local art into your business, it’s easier than you think.

Here are 12 ways you can incorporate local artists and makers into your company:

  1. Have your signage created, designed or produced by a local artist.
  2. Schedule a day to have a singer come by and serenade your team.
  3. Host a pop-up for artists and makers within your network IN your space.
  4. Play music of local artists in your store, venue, break room, or warehouse.
  5. Schedule a day for a painter to come do a visual boarding session or team building workshop.
  6. Adorn communal areas with local art.
  7. Source cups, mugs, or tableware from local potters.
  8. Offer spare office space up to an artist or maker – for a day or a week or an event.
  9. Donate your “scrap” to their cause and pay them to make you a custom piece.
  10. Use local maker creations in photoshoots, stage or set designs, and always share their website link!
  11. Have a local artist design your branded company merchandise.
  12. Have your team pitch in and cover rent for a stint for a struggling or relocating artist.

support local artists


As a community member, it is more  important than ever before to be supportive of our peers and our city. Feel free to send us a photo or tag us on Instagram once you start trying out these ideas – we would love to see this good work spread.

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