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Case of the meat sweats?

Specific Dynamic Action, SDA.
Thermic Effect of Food, TEF.
Dietary Induced Thermogenesis, DIT.

While these phrases and their acronyms may sound like something from the heat transfer section of your college physics textbook, they’re actually very common reactions to things we all do daily.


As the temperature rises, the sun shines more brightly, and people flock to their patios and grills this summer, more and more of us are likely to catch a case of the meat sweats. Their underlying cause is up for scientific debate. Much of the carnivorous community feels that the protein rich meat drives the rise, but some feel the nitrates and salt content in the meat are to blame.

Standard resting metabolic rate is disrupted when you consume a meal. Digestion must break down your stomach contents and this disruption in the resting rate can cause an increase in overall body temperature. While it’s elevated slightly as it breaks down fats and carbohydrates, a meal high in protein is the likely cause of your beaded brow come that last bite of burger.

Articles abound, from GQ to Buzzfeed to BirchBox, that debate whether or not meat sweats are a legitimate phenomenon. Whether you suffer from them or not, we have the bedding to keep your night sweats, your hot flashes, and even your meat sweats away all night long.

Here’s to a happy summer of meat-ing!

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