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What causes night sweats?

Every month, ‘night sweat causes’ trend higher and higher on search engines around the world. People tire of waking night after night to sweat soaked bedding and wondering the cause — and more often, how to find relief. We’re here to help.

For the last decade, Wicked Sheets have been helping people sleep cool and dry, all night long. We’ve built a trusted arsenal of pieces on all things sweat and their causes to keep you in the know. Did you know night sweats can be caused by many things? Nutrition. Early signs of pregnancy. Smoking and smoking cessation. Medicines, medicines and medicines! Sarcoma. Anxiety. Hyperhidrosis.

Poor nutrition causes your body to work harder at night as it digests processed sugars and other foods. Hormonal flux with new pregnancy can cause hot flashes and sweating. Both smoking and quitting smoking can cause your body’s hormones to shift as it adjusts to nicotine withdrawal. Hundreds of medicines from a to z have night sweats and hot flashes as potential side effects. Are you a night sweater? We can help!

Surprisingly, many people don’t really dig in to their root night sweat causes until the colder months. As summer temperatures rise, most assume their night sweats are because the weather is warmer and humidity levels are higher. Once fall arrives and the temperatures drop, they realize they are still sweating!

Don’t be late to the party. Be cool and be early! Moisture-wicking + cooling bedding keeps you comfortable all night long. Our pillowcases keep your face cool – no flips needed! Our fitted and flat sheets wick any sweat away and dry faster than traditional cotton, all while washing and wearing better and lasting longer!

Night sweats are an aggravating problem that sometimes has an underlying medical cause. As always, consult your physician with any concerns or questions.

Sleep well, sleep wicked.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Trying to see it get some information to see why I’m having night sweats so bad it wakes me up at my sleep the bed is soaking wet where I have to go take a shower


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