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The Difference Between Standard and Deep Pocket

What is the difference between standard and deep pocket?

One of our biggest customer questions is the difference between standard and deep pockets of our fitted Wicked Sheets. Across the board, mattresses do not have a standard depth that defines them. Sometimes a mattress’s pillow-top isn’t included in the manufacturer’s dimensions, or they categorize their thicker mattresses as ‘XL.’ Make sure if you’ve added a foam topper, egg crate, etc., to your bed, you include it in the overall dimensions.

Regardless of what your mattress says, make sure to measure your mattress from top to bottom and choose accordingly.

At Wicked Sheets, we offer two options to fit almost all mattresses.

Standard: 8” to 11” deep

Deep: 12” to 18” deep

Ordering the correct depth is essential to keeping your fitted sheet on the bed and maximizing the wicking and cooling properties of your Wicked Sheets. If your mattress is smaller than 11” deep, select ‘Standard’ in the Pocket Depth section of the order page. If your mattress is greater than 12” deep, however, select ‘Deep’ on the order page.

The diagram below shows the best way to measure your mattress.


At Wicked Sheets, we have elastic around the entire base of the fitted sheet to ensure a snug fit against your mattress. We do not want anyone to suffer from “sheet soup”, which occurs when the fitted sheet is ill-fitting or too loose, and pools in the center of your bed.

Knowledge is power.

Knowing the difference between standard and deep pocket fits is key when selecting your next set of bed sheets. As always, email us at if you have any questions or need help measuring your mattress pocket depth.

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