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Should I sweat after my COVID vaccine?

Should I sweat after my COVID vaccine?

If you are like me, then the answer is “yes”; I experienced significantly increased sweating after my COVID vaccine.

I am a 36-year-old female who never contracted the COVID-19 virus. I wore a [Wicked Sheets] mask (and I promise that wasn’t an attempt at a shameless plug), I socially distanced, I washed my hands regularly, and even tried to increase my cardio and running habits after hearing that lung health might be a factor in contraction. Regardless of what I did or didn’t do, it seems to be a crapshoot on who actually contracted the virus and who did not.

Experiencing symptoms after the vaccine, however, did not. Anyone and everyone that I spoke to, who also have the Moderna two-shot dosage of the vaccine, seemed to experience the same symptoms as me.

I actually went to my Tuesday night volleyball league after my first shot, thinking that I would just play through it. And had it not been that we had no subs, I would have left before the whistle blew. Nevertheless, I made it through the game, and certainly was a key factor as to why we lost that night. After the second shot, I knew better. I canceled as soon as I started feeling cold tingles in my fingers and toes.

Once I realized that the cycles of cold chills and increased sweating were nowhere close to ending, I decided to lay in the shower and just let the warm water pour over my body. And for all those wondering, yes, a bath would have been ideal but we were having construction done in our bathroom with the tub and the shower was all I had at the time. It did the trick. In which case, had I taken a bath, I would have used Epsom salts. They clear all aches and pains right up.

What are the common side effects of the COVID vaccine?

  • Chills (uncontrollable at times and especially in my extremities)
  • Increased sweating, night sweats in particular
  • Fogginess/mental fog
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Aches and pains all over my body
  • Sore, painful injection site (left arm both times)
  • Longterm bruising on my injection site

Obviously, these are not every single symptom that is listed in the “Side effects and risk factors” section of Moderna’s website, but I did experience the above in the 27-hours post vaccination dose two.

Why does increased sweating happen after receiving a vaccine?

Believe it or not, increased sweating is very common after receiving many vaccines, not just the COVID vaccine. Why?

After years of researching “sweat” and the fact that my Mom is a labor and delivery/pediatric nurse for most of my formative youth, I have developed a magnitude of useless knowledge of sweat and modern medicine. To put it in the most simplistic terms follow this chart:

Vaccines mimic diseases > Disease can cause fevers > Fevers increase your body temperature > Sweat cools your body down

For those interested in the science behind increased sweating after receiving a vaccine, I will happily educate you as well. Vaccines are sent and absorbed into the body via subcutaneous injection. That just means that your injection site, or where your shot goes, is under a fatty part of your skin. Typically this will be your arm, thigh, or buttocks.

The vaccine, a faux version of the virus or disease, travels through your bloodstream and its chemicals move into your central nervous system (CNS) for processing. It is there that the hypothalamus picks up on these chemicals and sends a signal to your pituitary gland. The endocrine system, bridged by the pituitary gland, then suits up to fight these unnatural invaders. 

The hypothalamus plays a significant role in the endocrine system. The function of the hypothalamus is to maintain your body’s internal balance, also known as homeostasis. To do this, the hypothalamus helps stimulate or inhibit many of your body’s key processes, including body temperature, hormone release, heart rate and blood pressure, electrolyte balance, appetites, digestive processes, and sleep cycles.

What does a vaccine have in it?

Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease, but they have been either killed or weakened to the point that their effect is mild. Some vaccines contain only a portion of the disease germ.

A vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to that disease, without having to get the disease first. This is what makes vaccines so powerful and effective. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them.

For more information about vaccines and how they affect your body, please visit this link on the CDC’s website.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Well, you described the vaccines of the past and how they work, but you failed to describe how the new mRNA lipid nanoparticle delivery gene therapy works. Can you explain that in more detail?

    • Alli Truttmann says:

      Hey Tracy! I will happily add more information on the mRNA-lipid nanoparticle vaccines they’re using. I started reading a research study that was published in the US Medical Library (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8032477/) and I’m learning a lot but I haven’t found enough to blog about yet. Stay tuned! I update most of our blogs as soon as I find enough research to support the newest information. Thanks so much for your feedback!

      • Theo says:

        Got my second shot of Moderna a week ago, sweating at night like hell… my pillows and sheets are soaking. Also fatigued and having nonstop but light migraines. Never had migraines longer than a day before, or any other such problems before.

        • David Wells says:

          Hi Theo,
          I have just come across your posting re your symptoms offer getting the Covid vaccine. Here in New Zealand we can only get the Pfizer vaccine. I had my second shot on July23rd and have had almost exactly the same symptoms as you. Sweating so much at night we have had to change the bedding several times in the early hours and I now sleep on and wrapped in a large bath towel. I also suddenly get aching in my right lower leg and foot in the early evening but never the left leg oddly enough. Also numbness in right toes. After 3 months I am so sick of this result I don’t know where to turn. My doctor said you cannot undo the vaccine symptoms which he experienced for a few days himself. When will it all end. I am just completely over it. David

          • Nera says:

            Hi, I can relate. Healthy 24yo, no meds. Never had the virus (as much as I know of) in the past two years, been feeling fine all this time and now, after the first shot of Pfizer, I’ve been experiencing weird night sweats which wake me up because I have to change clothes/turn over the sheets etc. so I haven’t really slept well in a week. I say it’s weird because I only had mild temperature few days ago so it really doesn’t make much sense. I don’t get shivers, and I don’t sweat during the day. I just feel weak and somewhat agitated. Also another weird thing is that my legs are sore but only back side, above the knees. I have no idea why and I need this to end

          • Clifford whyte says:

            Yes. I too have had cold sweats in the night and feeling washed out for 24 hours since Pfizer booster this happens roughly every three weeks .

          • Outlier says:

            Hi Theo and Lyn,
            I received my Pfizer booster on Tuesday afternoon, 11-23-21, exactly 7 months since my 2nd dose and starting Friday night into Saturday morning I experienced night sweats that soaked my clothes and sheets.

            Thank goodness my mattress pad caught it before it made it to my mattress. I woke up suddenly and found myself like that so I got up and tore it off the bed before it could go any further. Tonight about two hours into my sleep I woke up suddenly and found myself heading down the same path as the sweating had just started so I got up and changed clothes.

            When I received my first two doses I never had this happen. My body’s initial reaction to the booster was harsh as I ran a fever and everything hurt. My joints were especially painful all over my body so if you ask me if you should get a booster I would advise against it at this time.

    • Maddy says:

      Dear Tracy, whereas most of your clinical information is correct, as an infectious disease specialist I need to correct an aspect of your post. Please note that m-RNA vaccines are not like other vaccines. Once injected into the muscle, m-RNA will enter the nitrocellulose of the cell and will use muscle cell ribosomes to read the m-RNA code for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. (note it NEVER enters the cell nucleus and has no effect on DNA, as that would be metabolically impossible.) Ribosome production of Spike protein takes approximately 12 hours. Once spike poterin is presented on the cell surface of the muscle cell, the bodies cascade of immune response including B cell antibody activation, T cells, Killer T cells and cytokines are activated. It is that immune response that causes the symptoms. m-RNA is then metabolized and eliminated through the kidneys within 24 to 48 hours. m-RNA vaccine does not stay in the body, but the immune response might depending on individual immune system function, memory cells, cytokine cascade and hydration. If you are experiencing long term sweating it is important to be well hydrated. A minimum of 3 litres a day.

  2. Shaun says:

    I’ve been sweating way too much since I got both shots I sweat from the time I get up until I go to sleep my wife said I sweat while I’m sleeping it’s making me nervous and freaking me out.

  3. Jackie says:

    So is there anything that can be done about the constant night sweats?! I got my second dose weeks ago and I still have severe, intense night sweats—-even though I am not hot. 😫

    • Ricardo says:

      Hola amigo, I am writing from Spain. I also have night sweats after my second dose of Moderna, they appeared 3 days after the vaccine and this morning I woke up with my shirt literally wet! Before that I had a fever of almost 102F for a day and a half.

      Imagine what it would be like to take the Covid19…

    • Arefaine Solomon says:

      Bless you, Jackie! Thanks for sharing! Here I am nonstop sweating now and again after my first night of Covid Vaccine.
      I feel hot most of the time, even though people on the street feeling cold wearing jackets and hard clothes but me walking with a shirt, feel hot and sweating in cold weather. To be honest I don’t know what to do and this symptom has been going on for the past 4 months…

      Dear Jackie, what advice can you give me? How will I get out of this cold sweating condition? May God Bless you again!

      • kris says:

        hello i had the pfiser vaccine and was getting hot flashes and sweats, for 2 wks. I took a product called vax detox and immediately gone feel so much better it worked for me, its a homepathy remedy, by lidell

        • LINDA KYNE says:

          Kris, I’m a 73 yo female who suffered thru menopause sweats for decades and then I thought it had stopped until I got my two Pfizer shots in April. Now I feel like I have hyperhidrosis BIG TIME!!! Night sweats are back and I just want to die. I don’t have a washer/dryer in my apartment so it’s difficult to keep up with the laundry while also having a back injury. As a last resort, what company did you order your vax detox by Liddell from and please don’t tell me Amazon as I HATE that company. LJK

      • June says:

        I am 75 and have had 4 covid jabs…feel hot all the time with many hot flushes it seems my thermostat!! has been turned inside out…why???

        • Mike says:

          Same here. I feel hot and then cold throughout the day and it’s been a week since my booster. I have mild night sweats but only the back of my neck and my pillow feels damp in the morning. I’m 63 y.o. and I did not have these symptoms with the first two booster shots, but this Omicron booster gave me the worst chills for the first 48 hours, and felt so weak. No I just feel uncomfortably warm/cold at times and at night I get these mild sweats, which did not start until after the chills were gone.

          I sure hope they do not recommend any more booster shots. I’ve gotten to the point that I dread them.

  4. Saundra Wright says:

    I feel terrible it’s been 5 days since my first vaccine shot,I was told if you had the virus that you may feel bad considering you have a antibodies already!! How long will it last?

  5. Joe says:

    It’s been 17 days since my second Moderna shot and my armpits won’t stop sweating. I recently changed to a new deodorant prior to the second shot so I thought maybe it was that but have since returned to using my old deodorant and the same thing is still happening. This didn’t start until after my reaction to the second shot. That’s the sickest I’ve felt since reaching adulthood because I don’t remember how bad I actually felt being sick as a kid.

    • Eric says:

      I also experience armpit sweating during the day. It started after I got my Pfizer booster shot 3 weeks ago. Never had that problem before. No sweating anywhere else. No chills. Regular temperature

  6. Ben Rosen says:

    I just got my third moderna shot two days ago and I have been waking up sweating ever since. This has happened the last two shots.

    • Sar says:

      Hello Ben – how long did your excessive sweating last after your second dose of Moderna and how long, so far, since your third dose? My dad, also a Ben, had his third dose on Sept 3rd and excessively sweating still on Sept. 29th. He has to change his DRENCHED shirts at least every 30 minutes. 😩

    • Zeinab says:

      Same! Got first dose of oxford in July & had no side effects at all, not sweating at night but I’m definitely easily sweating by any “activity” like crossing the street, at the gym I’m drowning in my sweat! This is ruining my life I now fear socializing with people 🙁

  7. Mary says:

    After my first Moderna I had severe sweating for about 24 hours. It’s been 30 days and I still now have night sweats. I always feel feverish, so much so I couldn’t even get the second shot bc you have to be fever free for 48 hrs. Why am I hot and sweaty all the time? Is this ever going to go away? I’m afraid to get the second shot now.

    • Silvana says:

      Hi Mary!
      Same here, excessive sweating! My anxiety is through the roof. Did you get better? My sweating is mainly at night. During the day is more cobtrolled. Did you get better? I am having blood test to see if sth is wrong. Hope you are better now. It all started after the booster. Its been 3 weeks now

  8. Nathalie says:

    I found this article after looking for some correlation between a good sweat (whether fever breaking or other) and the cessation of symptoms after the second shot. I felt HORRIBLE all day today, but *had* to go out and so some things outside – during which time I drank huge amounts of water and sweated for about an hour. When I was done, and when I cooled down, I suddenly have minimal – if any – side effects. A coworker who had the shot a day ahead of me said on day 2 she broke out into a huge sweat and then after that her side-effect symptoms went away , too. Coincidence or the body clearing something?

  9. Charlotte says:

    Hi I’m from the UK. I too have been suffering from over excessive sweating on my head and armpits since my second Moderna vaccination in August 1st. Night sweats are particularly bad – tiredness, poor appetite, weight loss and now I’m starting with breathlessness. I’m calling my GP in the morning. I know my own body and know that something isn’t quite right. I also suffered almost all common side effects within 7 days of the second dose. Never been so lucky.

    • Silvana says:

      Hi Charlotte!
      I started with these symptoms after the booster. Excessive sweating. I am having blood tests to see if sth is wrong. Hope you feel better. Pls let me know

      • Andrea Bromley says:

        I have exactly the same. All bloods were clear and random blood pressure checks were all normal. There seems to be no end to it.

      • Carole says:

        I have constant night sweats. Have to change clothing four times a night my first booster was 11 of 2021 that’s when I started second booster was July 2022. Mentioned to my doctor in June 1922 about the night sweats he had no answers. It is now October 22 and I’m going to go to my doctor. No energy, no appetite and memory loss

      • Carole says:

        Pfizer 1st shot 1/21 2nd 2/21 booster 1 11/21 2nd booster 7/22. Been having nights sweets got worst after 1 booster. have to change sheets 3times a night, I am in my 70’s, loss of appetite fatigue brain fog. get cold sweats in the middle of the day. Feel like passing out.told dr in june at 6 month check up about the night sweats. he had no answer. He left his practice. Going to a new dr can’t Iive like this. does anyone have an answer?

  10. Alan Grossberg says:

    Got my first Moderna shot May 3rd. No side effects. Chills and fever for 2-3 days after the second one June 3rd. Then, AFTER my fever stopped, I had night sweats for a week or two. That stopped for 3 months…now I’m having night sweats again since Monday (9/6). Might be hesitant to get a 3rd shot.

  11. Alic3 says:

    I had the first of my Moderna series 8/20. It’s 9/9 and I’m STILL waking up with ridiculous sweats. I don’t know what to do…

  12. Thomas J Lawson says:

    I have just gotten my second d shot and have not stopped sweating since. I hope it’s just a mild side effect. But after reading other post I’m not so sure. Has anyone had this happen and then stop?? I am looking for an end date not the original cause.

  13. Virginia says:

    I am sitting in my 55 degree basement and sweating up a storm. I am 61 years old and it is like revisiting menopause. How rude.

    • Momma T says:

      I am experiencing sweats too-buckets! One night I sweated thru 2 nightshirts! But it happens during the day too! It’s only been a week since my 1st Pfizer vax, will this ever stop! I feel like I’m going thru menopause again! I’m calling them “flop sweats”! Is there anything I can do for relief! The sweat has what I can only describe as a “sickness” odor.

      • Wendy says:

        I had a booster of Pfizer 2 weeks ago. Sweating up a storm like hot flashes! I think the sweat has a strange odor! What’s happening? I hope this gets better!

        • Anonymous says:

          I got my booster of Pfizer’s on October 3rd. I have been waking up with night sweats every night, but not daytime sweating. The night sweats are horrible, soak the sheets and pillow, and I went through menopause 8 years ago, it has to be the booster. I hope it doesn’t last much longer!

          • Samantha says:

            I got my first pfizer vaccine last week, ever since my hands have been so hot all the time, and they’re constantly sweating. My feet are too. My joints always hurts. Im used to having daily headaches, but now i have CONSTANT migraines. Im okay with it, but this sweating?? Ill be SO COLD, blankets on me, and im sweating. I also have horrible hot flashes randomly. Im cold, ill get a blanket, 5 minutes later im so hot. I hate this. Im only 22, i feel like im going through menopause.

  14. Kathy says:

    I had Johnson and Johnson. In April 2021. I still have night sweats so bad that I have to change my sheets daily and take a fan to dry my mattress everyday. This is crazy

  15. Aidrey says:

    I too have been sweating since I got vaccinated. First dose, it had stopped shortly before my second. Just got my second 2 days ago and both nights waking up several times drenched in sweat. Hoping this will go away too just wish I knew how long it will be. This is the reason I’m awake and typing at 5 am. Had no plans of being up til at least 9! Hello again menopause!

  16. Maddie says:

    I got my 3rd shot two days ago , got fever and chills (shaking) took Tylenol and fever dropped. Then last night I woke up completely drenched… even the sheet was wet…. This scared me…

  17. Alan Grossberg says:

    I got my second Moderna shot on June 3rd. No side effects after the first one. Had a fever ranging from 99F. to 101F. and night sweats for a week after the second one. Then nothing until September…now the low fever and night sweats have resumed. I don’t know if it’s from the vaccine, but I’ve never had night sweats before in my 71 years.

  18. Jay says:

    When I got both my Pfizer shots I noticed how I began sweating like a government hog .I have never in my life used a deodorant stick or spray I’ve never perspired like that, now it’s like someone pouring water on me, my head sweats & my underarms and chest. All of this started happening about three weeks after my last shot. I sincerely hope it wears off🤔

    • Wendy says:

      I am not a sweaty person at all. This is very strange to me. I had almost no reaction to the first Pfizer – but this booster stimulated something and it was off the charts sweating. It comes on suddenly and often during the night.

    • David Wells says:

      Good luck, Jay. We, in New Zealand, can only get the Pfizer jab and I had my second shot on July 23rd. Had all kinds of unsettling side effects including fatigue and stabbing pains like needle jabs occasionally and bad leg aches and dead foot and toes but only in my right leg, never the left leg. But the worst by far was and still is the night sweats. We have had to change the bed several times in the wee hours and I now sleep on,and wrapped in, a large bath towel. Last night was a killer. I felt like I had been sprayed with a hose when I woke around 1am. Goes on for about 3-4 hours. No end in sight.

  19. Karmen says:

    So comforting to read these replies. I thought I was losing my mind. Post menopause got my 2nd Moderna shot in May, got a period a month later, just the one. Then the hot flashes began. Far worse at night, I’m literally drenched. WTH.

  20. Jana says:

    I got the 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine 3/29 and started noticing hot flashes a week or so later. I’m 10 years post-menopause, so this is strange. 6 months later and I’m still having hot flashes. I’ve decided not to take a 3rd dose because I’m miserable.

  21. Lisa says:

    I just got my third Moderna shot today. My hands and feet I started tingling and I started sweating within 10 minutes of getting the shot. The tingling went away, but now I’m having brief waves of sweating that haven’t stopped. First shot I had very little if any reaction. 2nd shot, my arm (opposite arm from the first), hurt like hell for three days. This shot? I got this third shot almost 5 hours ago. So far, just the sweating along with a tiny bit of both numbness and soreness in the arm that got the shot. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

  22. Renee Jarvis says:

    I’m also having these issues. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one but curious if hormone treatment can help this or do you just have to tuff it out? Benadryl? Lol…I had moderna, it didn’t start until after the 2nd dose which I took late.

  23. Tracy S says:

    I have been experiencing sweating throughout day since I received my second Pfizer vaccine on June 15, 2021. The night sweats are the worst. I went to visited my PMD today, he said this sometimes happens to women after vaccination. He decide to also order bloodwork.

    • Lesley says:

      In uk. 6 days after AZ Covid booster excessive sweating and horrendous night sweats. Soaking. I’m on week 3 of these and it’s exhausting. I hate washing bedding each day. Saw GP lots tests everything fine. Looked up and sweating listed as adverse event. Make sure you report the sweating through your country’s event reporting system. Thanks to you all for sharing. So good to find others so I’m not going mad (but sorry your suffering).

  24. Mae says:

    Not sweaty anymore.

    Hi I noticed that some people have sweaty problems since moderna. I got my booster last week. The side effects was different than my 2nd vaccine. For some reason on my 2nd day I was sweating a lot but only on my face and back. Like almost non stop. But that’s not what surprises me. It’s the fact that I have hyperhidrosis and those areas don’t sweat anymore like they used to. It still sweat as response to stress but not like before. Do you know anyone who have the same problem and noticed a sudden change?

  25. Brenda b says:

    I think i might have caught covid lightly before it became an inconvenience to the world. After phisor i was very ill one day about a couple of weeks later, with everything speeding up for half a day, and a terrible bitter taste welled up in my mouth. Hot flashes and chills. After moderna the same happened only worse, (but no speeding up feeling).Five months later i am still having the flashes. I have no energy, but that could be diabetes type two acting up. Very loathe to take any more of the vaccine. I also did not want to take the first shot, but was afraid i would get ill, and my lungs have scarring from years ago.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I had my moderna booster yesterday and this morning while I was sitting at the table drinking my coffee i suddenly broke out in a sweat and nearly passed out! So scary! I am not normally a fainter and had minimal symptoms after first two shots. Anyone else get lightheaded and almost faint?

  27. Shari says:

    I got my moderna booster yesterday and this morning while sitting at the table drinking coffee, I broke out in a full body sweat and nearly fainted while sitting down! Anyone else feel lightheaded?

  28. Karen says:

    I’m 67 years old, went through menopause 17 years ago, but have been experiencing day and night sweats after each Moderna vaccine. I had the first dose in January 2021, the second in February 2021, and a booster this week (November 2021). I stopped having day sweats and night sweats lessened in severity and frequency about 6 months after my second shot (August 2021). Both day and night sweats have returned with a vengence since my booster 3 days ago. My experience is very much like going through menopause and, although it is not a pleasant one, I am reassured to know that this is an effect that is most likely due to the vaccine doing its job.

  29. John M says:

    I experienced cold sweats and fatigue for 2-3 months after receiving the 2nd Moderna shot in March 2021. I went through a battery of medical tests with a cardiologist and everything was normal. The sweating was mainly on the back of my neck and back but also on my lower right leg and foot. It was worse at night with my pillow being drenched the following morning. I had my booster Oct 29th and the symptoms returned after a few days but not as pronounced. I’m glad to see these posts because no one believed my symptoms were related to the vaccines.

  30. Debbie says:

    I’m 53 and in the uk.. 3rd vaccine first two were Astra zeneca and no real side effects this last jab was Moderna spikevax and spent a day in bed feeling like I had the flu then the last two days waking soaking wet.. horrible 🙁

  31. John McCannon says:

    I had cold sweats, ringing in ears and fatigue a few days after the 2nd Moderna shot in March 2021. After having a battery of tests with my doctors, all of my vitals were normal. The symptoms subsided after 3-4 months but resumed again after receiving the booster on October 29th. The symptoms are not quite as bad this time and I’m thinking it could due to the 1/2 dose for the Moderna booster.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hi I got pzi two shots ,the very same thing sweating like crazy ,it’s going on for months ,got blood work and all was OK even little things I do and I’m drenched, any body out there know how to stop this ?

  33. Andrew Mayer says:

    Got JnJ first shot. No side effects.

    Git a Pfizer booster and started sweating bullets at night a day or two later. I’m not hot in the middle of the night, it’s very cold in my bedroom. I wore my apple watch to sleep and don’t see anything unusual with my heart rate. But I wake up drenched. Every inch of my body is sweating. It only happens when I sleep at night, not if I nap for an hour during the day.

    Has anyone recovered from this? Going for bloodwork soon..,

  34. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for everyone that shared their symptoms. It’s good to know I’m not alone and I don’t have an underlying condition that I’m not aware of. I’m experiencing all of the symptoms after my 2nd and now my booster shot of pfizer. For me the body aches were severe a day after the 2nd and the booster shot. I can deal with the night sweats and fatigue but refuse to go through the body aches anymore. I will not be getting any more covid vaccines unless they come up with an updated vaccine with milder side-effects. I’m done with current vaccines. I’m a healthy 44 years old black man from Washington DC area.

  35. Timothy says:

    67 and got 1st shot (Pfizer) May at the VA no biggie. 2nd shot May no energy and sweating on second day and strangely decided to take a longgg walk on a hot May day which increased the sweating which I felt was good sign ie sweating when you have a chest cold is a good thing.

    Booster shot Dec. 15 arm sore no biggie, no loss of energy, but started sweating on 2nd night as in shirt was damp, not drenched. Started sweating again tonight (5th night) slightly which got me out of bed (5 am) so googled “covid booster body sweat” which brought me here. Feel better after reading all the comments.

    Wishing everyone fair winds and following seas …

  36. Jordan says:

    I got my first vaccination, the Moderna, in January of 2021. I didn’t have the traditional symptoms of fever, aches, etc., but I did get an excruciating migraine that left me unable to work. I was referred to PT, medical massage (where I ended up with an injury I am still having treated), and neurology, where I was prescribed Imitrex (but didn’t take it–too many potential side effects…). I had other symptoms (e.g., a rash on my arm 10 days after the vaccination), but mostly just not feeling like myself. I felt off, like I wasn’t fully present. After about a month, I was feeling better; but the experience made me reticent to get the second vaccination. For several reasons, I decided to get the second (11 months later), and went with the Pfizer. The first week, I actually felt okay, just a bit fatigued. On the evening of day 6, I experienced a bizarre moving sensation in my neck that radiated up. I ended up with a horrendous migraine. I just sat on my bed, with my eyes closed, not moving, for 7 hours. I took some NSAIDs, but nothing helped. It was not a normal migraine or headache. It felt very weird. It’s been almost a month, and I am still recovering. I haven’t been able to work my normal schedule, and again don’t feel very present. After the second injection, I am also having “hot flashes” which I haven’t had before. They come with an increase in heart rate and an anxious feeling, and then pass fairly quickly. I haven’t talked with a doctor with any experience, so feel like I’m on my own. My family is vaccinated, and they just had the more common experience where they felt rundown for a couple days. Nothing noteworthy. It would be great to know how people are recovering. I’m going to search for the vax detox. At this point, I am open to anything that might help!

  37. Barbara Fischer says:

    I have night sweats since my first Pfizer shot 10 months ago. Iwascwakin up every hour. Now I am down to three a night. I am scared to get another vaccine. My kids say I cannot see grandchildren until I get all shots.

  38. Simon says:

    First two jabs were Astrazeneca – no subsequent problems. Third (booster) jab in early November was Pfizer. No immediate problems but 2-3 weeks later the sweats started. Very little at night but coming and going during the day. Think that they are worse during busy periods when tension is higher. After 6-7 weeks of sweats my confidence is lowering. It would be great to hear from more of you who have had the sweats for more than a few days but then had them clear up? Thanks.

  39. Carol says:

    I’ve had both Pfizer jabs plus the Pfizer booster and as a person who’s always felt the cold it’s very concerning to have night sweats every night now plus fatigue in the day. I’m fed up of people blaming the menopause, I know those symptoms and this is different. At least I know I’m not alone but I find it very scary what has been done to my body.

  40. Jamie Mitchell says:

    Severe sweats after 8 months if getting 2bd Pfizer vaccine it happens during the day it happens when I’m sleeping it’s worse at night. I go through several nightgown changes during the the night.i sleep on a big towel. I sweat everywhere my head, my face, my arms my legs, my back, my butt and it does have a nasty smell to me anybody experiencing this, this long after receiving two doses of Pfizer? I have not got a booster. Miserable in Ohio 😭

    • Carole says:

      I’ve had my two Pfizer vaccines then this year I had a booster in January 2022 another boost of June 2022 I have been suffering with night sweats. Dredging the bed during the day I have cold sweats come over my body like I’m going to faint. Terrible headaches trying to take Tylenol. Saw my GP in June 2022 to tell him that I was having night sweats he did not have an answer. All my bloodwork look good. I feel like I should go to a integrated Doctor Who is Medical and Naturapathic. Obviously I have a virus in my system . Would appreciate whatever help on here

      • Ny says:

        My fiance got his second dose of Moderna on 10/5/21 and by the time we got home(10 min), he started sweating excessively. He has drenching sweats throughout the day and definitely has to flip his pillow several times when sleeping. This is over a year now. He did not have a booster for fear of additional side effects. Hoping at some point it at least calms down or better yet goes away.

  41. Philip Cooper says:

    I had no strong reaction to the first or second shots of Moderna in Jan/Mar 2021. Just a sore arm and a light headache for 2 days. But I had the booster (September, 2021) which gave me aches and headache for a week and I have had night sweats ever since. I wake up at 2 am with a wet t-shirt and wet sheets above and below me. I have a king bed so I can move to a dry spot, take off my wet clothes and go back to sleep without further problems. But it’s now been over 6 months of extra laundry. Fortunately the sheets don’t smell like typical sweat from exercise but I still wash them every day.

  42. Ron says:

    Glad I found this page and stream of information. I am a healthy 68 year old male living in South Florida. I had the two Moderna doses and the first booster without much reaction. The first dose there was soreness at the injection site but in the first three doses that was all I experienced until the recent fourth booster less than a week ago.
    The evening of the fourth dose injection I began feeling soreness at the site that later grew to muscle ache across my upper body and lower back. It was also accompanied with chills especially at my hands and fingers.
    Oddly enough I had not paid attention to a problem that I have been experienced for the last two years which was my right leg aching and uncomfortable at evening hours and bedtime. My doctor sent me to a cardiologist and a scan for circulatory problems deep thrombosis or a blood clot revealed no issues and I attributed it to daily walking of 5 miles or more. A compression knee high sock was the trick until I just read that others are experiencing this as a new symptom of the vaccine booster. The extreme right leg ache was exacerbated by the booster this week.
    Also the day following the booster shot I began with incredible night sweats that left me soaked. The third night again and not as severe but wet and clammy none the less. Last night sweats again but slightly less.
    Has anyone found that the night sweats begins to diminish or does it continue? The bedding could be change every morning at this rate@!

  43. Lj says:

    I got the 2nd Phizer 3/31 last YEAR and have been sweating since, starting the night of the second shot. I was 5 years past menopause which I went through with no symptoms thanks to being pretty fit and very lucky, I guess.
    I came here to see if I was the only one? And how long this will last. The thought of sweating until I’m drenched all night every night for the rest of my life is pretty depressing. Can anyone say they finally stopped?

  44. EC says:

    Astra Zeneca vaccines in 2021.
    Menopause in 2018, but no night sweats, hot flashes, chills, mood or other issues in peri/post menopause period.
    I had COVID in Feb 2020, and was moderately fatigued for around 3 months post infection (initially 12 hours per night sleep, then 8 hours, undisturbed sleep, thereafter). This did not prevent me from exercising, running or walking 10-15km daily. I was mentally sharp, could concentrate and was fine.
    Post AZ vaccination, I developed night sweats, fatigue, brain fog. These symptoms have not ceased. My GP has offered no explanation or interest in investigating the matter further.

    I told GP that the symptoms were similar to that of COVID infection, in that it felt as if neurological inflammation had been re-activated, and had the AZ vaccine affected the function of the hypothalamus, pituitary or both glands? I was aware that women of child bearing age, had exhibited menstrual/gynae issues, post vaccination, so would it be reasonable to assume that a similar mechanism was responsible for night sweats? I asked if there had been any research into this. GPs are not interested. There is no consideration of science and a complete absence of academic/intellectual engagement.

    One locum GP, via telephone, endeavoured to explain the symptoms as post viral fatigue and I said, no they are not. I had COVID and recovered, back to full energy/normal sleep patterns, with no adverse symptoms. These symptoms arose, post AZ vaccination. Cue silence, avoidance and further attempts to gaslight/distract me, from discussing the matter.
    Has anyone here, received any further medical/scientific insight into why many of us are experiencing continued sweating , especially night sweats, fatigue. I feel permanently sub optimal, in energy and overall health, post AZ vaccination.

    Please direct me to resources/studies, which document these post vaccine symptoms and potential causation.

  45. Ruth says:

    I got the two Moderna jabs over a year ago. No problems after the first one. 8 hours after the second one, severe sweats along with chills. The sheets, pillows, pajamas,, etc were totally drenched. I felt very hot but also very cold at the same time. This lasted for about 10 hours. Since then, I get multiple drenching sweats and chills both during the day and night, lasting for many hours. Not like menopause, the hot flashes lasted for 2-3 minutes with menopause sweats. I am miserable! I think possibly they are less frequent recently but that may be just wishful thinking. My GP isn’t really interested and said she’s never heard of this. It has been over a year! No way am I going to get any more jabs. I also feel generally unwell. My husband is getting very tired of my complaints about the sweats. The sweat just pours out. My hair is soaked all the time.

  46. Sarah says:

    Hi, i am in Australia and had my fourth dosis two days ago. As the three previous jabs were Pfeizer, I was recommended to get Moderna. Not sure if it was a good idea. I had fever, body ache, joint pain, tiredness in the first and second day. Yesterday I woke up at 2 AM and my sheets were soaked. I had to change my clothes. Today I found this forum and I see I am not alone with these strange side effects.

  47. Sylvia says:

    I had the 2nd dose of Pfizer in March 2021. 2 weeks after the 2nd dose is when the vax hits the max. (I’ll get to the sweating in a minute.) I was at work and began itching. I also started having tinnitus in my L Ear. The hives lasted 3 days. I got plantar fasciitis in my R foot. After 2 months of limping, I finally found on the web to take turmeric. One week, and it was gone. It tried to come back twice, but I took the turmeric morn and nite for a day, and after the 2nd time, it stopped completely. I have always been cold sensitive, and I never was a person who sweated. Since vax #2, I have all over sweats during the day. (way past the change…nothing to do w/that) It’s like the vax #2 just completely wrecked my system. I am still hoping the tinnitus and sweating will eventually go away. I don’t see a common thread in the posts. I was on heavy doses of Vitamin C when I got the vax. It is an anti-viral, so I’m thinking my anti-viral battled it out w/the vax anti-viral, and the vax won. I was very glad to find this site because I felt like I was the only one. As for boosters…no way. I wear my mask and take Vitamin C. I’m hoping to get replies, especially if you were on Vitamin C at the time of your vax.

  48. Sylvia says:

    Day sweats. I’ve had several long-term effects from the Covid Vax shot #2, and among those is day sweats. I thought by now they would stop because it’s been a year and a half.

  49. Sara says:

    Im 36f, Since the vaccine (Pfizer)I have been sweating alot, weirdly my legs sweat too much even when I’m not feeling hot, I’m tired, my period is irregular and it lasts 2 days only.

    Checked my hormones, ovaries, thyroid and did a general health check all is normal. Thought I’m going through menopause, 2 months later I’m pregnant and the midwife asked if I have taken Pfizer, then she told me alot of the women she sees have similar problems after taking Pfizer.

  50. Marion says:

    I have had constant night sweats since my first dose of Astra Zeneca in February 2021. Occurs every night and on every occasion a few seconds or minutes after I awaken and not while I’m asleep. Attended my GP around 8 months ago and had blood work done which was normal. Asked him if it could have been caused by the vaccine. He replied that he could not answer as the vaccine was new that the full extent of side effects wasn’t known. His answer to the problem was wait and see.

  51. Marion says:

    I have had constant night sweats since my first dose of Astra Zeneca in February 2021. Occurs every night and on every occasion a few seconds or minutes after I awaken and not while I’m asleep. Attended my GP around 8 months ago and had blood work done which was normal. Asked him if it could have been caused by the vaccine. He replied that he could not answer as the vaccine was new that the full extent of side effects wasn’t known. His answer to the problem was wait and see.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I took three Pfizer shot, my side effects didn’t occur until about a year later. I had extreme sweating, where I sweated through two athletic undershirts two consecutive nights. It was highly suspicious since I did nothing to precipitate the sweating ordeal. A friend, who also had taken the shots, was sitting in the Barber’s chair and began to sweat through his clothes for no apparent reason. This happened to him several times, and it was months after the vaccinations. I also have the chills, however they don’t feel like the chills one would have if they were cold. These chills are pins and needles, which is inconsistent with being cold. I can’t remember when they first occured, but I can tell you that they continue. I’m thoroughly convinced that these side effects are due to the Shot. After reading your informative article and the comment section these experimental vaccines carry who knows what side effects they may have. Generally, vaccines take close to 10 years of clinical trials, however this new technology was rushed through with “US, the PUBLIC” being the clinical trial for each vaccine maker. Many people lined up willingly, while me and thousands others were very reluctant. I took it because of the chemotherapy treatments I was taking that greatly weakened my immune system, it was suggested that I take them prior to starting chemo. In done with chemo, and in done with these vaccines.

  53. Childs says:

    I found a trick that worked for me I hope will help others finding there way here.

    I never had a night sweat issue more than a few days out after the previous three shots… after this 4th bivalent shot — possibly due to the combo flu shot (I don’t typically get flu shots, so that was probably jarring for my body) — it wasn’t even immediate, but a few weeks later I kept waking up DRENCHED! Had never had this issue before unless I was genuinely sick and it’s been several years (thankfully) since I’ve been sick like that.

    As a sidenote, I also think one of the keys to good health is regular, thorough hand washing. I have a good feeling it’s a big reason why I rarely catch contagions.

    Anywho, I looked for an OTC med that could help, and a Vicks Zzzquil specialized for “Cool Nights” came up. Only issue is it was hard to friggin find, couldn’t find it in any stores/pharmacies in a major city, and shipping times were too far out when I was desperate for an immediate fix.

    I noticed the key ingredient in the Vicks Cool Nights product, which many reviews said was really helpful for their night sweats, is BLACK COHOSH.

    So I ended up overnighting some Black Cohosh, and also magnesium pills. Not sure which one of the two did the trick, or if it was the combo that did it, but literally since day one of taking them the night sweats completely stopped… now I’m back to normal sleep. I was preeeetty worried I was going to be stuck with them cuz my body’s chemistry had changed (and I’m in my late 30s, so aging obviously)!

    Obviously, and I hate to say the Black Cohosh and/or magnesium won’t work for everybody’s night sweats, but if it’s something you’re suffering and trying to remedy and you haven’t tried these two supplements, it’s worth a shot!!

    No way it was a placebo effect for me personally.


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