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sweat it out together

How to sweat out supply chain issues

“We’ll sweat this out together” A mantra that we, at Wicked Sheets, have been chanting both internally on the team and externally with our customers,  “We’ll sweat this out together,” is a quote that came from one of my favorite operations consultants. He, among countless other team members, who have seen me break down in […]

sweaty woman asking herself should I be sweating after my covid vaccine wicked sheets

Should I sweat after my COVID vaccine?

Should I sweat after my COVID vaccine? If you are like me, then the answer is “yes”; I experienced significantly increased sweating after my COVID vaccine. I am a 36-year-old female who never contracted the COVID-19 virus. I wore a [Wicked Sheets] mask (and I promise that wasn’t an attempt at a shameless plug), I […]

night sweats and blood cancers leukemia lymphoma society

Night Sweats and Blood Cancers

Are night sweats a sign or a symptom of blood cancers? First of all, let us define what are “night sweats”. Night sweats are episodes of excessive perspiration that occur while one is sleeping. Night sweats typically coincide with increased heart rates and high levels of sleep environment discomfort. People who experience night sweats report […]

our year in review from ceo alli with a quote and picture of a face mask

A Year in Review: 2020 | Wicked Sheets

A 2020 year in review, from CEO Alli’s perspective 2020 was a year like no other. Every day has brought us new challenges at Wicked Sheets. They have been incredibly trying, sometimes even exhausting, but the thought that we were able to survive and provide some level of security for all those “behind the seams” […]

cribs what's the difference by wicked little sleepers with three different crib sizes

What’s the difference between Round, Mini, & Standard Crib sizes?

What crib sizes are right for my baby? Read on for more information about what new parents need to know when it comes to crib sizes for their little sleepers and bedding needs. My grandmother used to tell me that I would be fine even if I slept in a dresser drawer (opened of course). […]

high cholesterol and night sweats over the sunset

High Cholesterol and Night Sweats | Wicked Sheets

High Cholesterol and Night Sweats First of all, what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid) in your blood. To function at healthy levels, your cells need cholesterol. Your body naturally makes approximately 75% of what you need, but you also get cholesterol from the food you eat. 25% of the cholesterol that your […]

mask faces and people working on masks

Masks were the Common Thread

Masks. The word that I will be happy to have leave my lips and my warehouse. Now before anyone gets out of sorts, that is not a political statement. Far from it. We have been trying to educate the general community about the safety and efficacy of (our) masks, and encourage wearing them for the […]